Tiger Woods A Man Of Redemption

(CALGARY, AB ) Last weekend, while on vacation, in the cozy confines of my cousins’ finished basement in Southeast Calgary I witnessed what most other true sports fans witnessed on their edge of our seats. The spectacle was none other than previously written off Tiger Woods, doing the near impossible of defying historical PGA golf trends to win his most improbable major by virtually blowing away the rest of the field from round 1 thru round 4.

The result being that he is no longer arguably the greatest golfer to play the game in modern times – but inarguably so. Some sports historians simply and aptly call his cover to cover victory of the Players Championship the Tiger Woods phenomena, resulting once he gets on a roll dropping a long string of birdies. Others may call it the Tiger Woods affect – as he holds his competition spell bound especially when leading into the final round.

Retrospectively speaking those are appropriate descriptions of victories past. Not this time.


This victory and presumably his major victories still to come are the good and faithful works of Tiger Woods the man of redemption. Not just a great golfer but a great human being.

The man who took hold of his personal and professional fall from grace on the elitist world stage of golf – as a racial minority no less – and refused to go away, hide, shrivel up and die a shamed celebrity’s death. As many predicted he would – especially as far as his professional golfing career was concerned.

That of a shooting star that streaks across the sky in a fleeting moment but once – and then is no more.  But not this golfer, not this man.

His stardom refuses to go gently into the night. But rather where pressure makes diamonds of coal dust the resilient fragments of Tiger’s personal and professional proclivities off and on the course are crystalizing for all of the world to see.

The graceful manner and poise which only Tiger could muster up and sustain for himself, his loyal fans and even his nay sayers to walk off with his latest cup was second to none. Although the victory only propels him to a ranking of the 13th in the top players category, it’s  doubtless  his deceased father and number 1 mentor would have been most proud of his son’s proverbial return from the grave.

Now this weekend like before – golfers and non golfers, athletes and non athletes will crowd golf courses, and peer into TV screens to not only watch Tiger in the prowl in the Ryders Cup; but just to watch unprecedented history in the making.

So will I. Along with my cousin Mike Porter. The former Windsorite and Mr. Alberta body builder turned professional trainer. I see it  in his eyes and hear in his voice, as an amateur golfer (  even at 55 years young ) that Tiger is siring and propelling another generation of future golf pros and enthusiasts to higher heights.


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